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Logo cabinet avocatTo face justice is no small matter. In fact, when one is accused, it is never insignificant. It is a major event that can upset the life of a close one, and often results in dramatic consequences. At CARETTE DESJARDINS, we provide you with a deepened legal knowledge, integrity recognized through the profession, and devotion without fault. All is orchestrated in order to obtain the best result possible in the largest respect of your rights.

Since its foundation, our cabinet has been a leader in criminal, penal and disciplinary law. Our team calls upon the talents of experienced, combative and effective lawyer-litigants who prevail upon in first hearings as well as in appeals. This recognized expertise enables us to act on account of individuals as well as institutions or companies.

Whether it is by means of paper, education, or conferences, our lawyers actively participate in the progress and the popularization of criminal, penal and disciplinary law. While confirming the enviable status of our jurists, this situation allows our firm to constantly be at the forefront of the legal principles which are the origin of our results.

Consequently, you can count on a qualified team that has the ability to adapt to your needs as well as your means. The experience of our lawyers varies between 1 and 40 years of practice. We have pleaded before all authorities up to the Supreme Court of Canada. Furthermore, our support staff offers a qualified and courteous service.

CARETTE DESJARDINS philosophy revolves around personalized services tailored specifically to every client. We are distinctly committed to providing our clients with legal services that will work in their absolute best interest. We cannot promise to make the experience a pleasant one, but, to say the least, we will accompany you to the term of the judicial process with unmatched professionalism and rigour.


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